Education Motivated by Faith

Education Motivated by Faith

Our ministry is to produce graduates prepared to witness for Christ around the globe—every workplace in every nation is our mission field.  We welcome students from all backgrounds to study with us and discover the power of an education motivated by faith.  When you pursue a degree program with UITS, you are embracing the opportunity to:

  • Understand how your career—no matter how unconnected from a holy life it may seem at first—can have societal and eternal impact.
  • Develop a “mission mindset” that places Christ first in all you do, for a richer, more useful life.
  • Learn how to integrate faith and career for a life that helps you live your values at all times.
  • Join in fellowship with students and instructors from a diverse range of backgrounds.


THE HOLY BIBLE established the Church which includes Christian education and, therefore, personal salvation and the necessity of each issue, each principle, each subject, each course, each topic and each consideration of any type to be dealt with only in direct relationship to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  University of Israel Theological Seminary [UITS]’s education program is known for giving Christ the preeminence in all processes of education.  For Scripture reference see Colossians 1:10-22.


The University of Israel & Theological Seminary is a comprehensive institution of Christian higher education where educators engage learners to nurture Christian virtue, to develop competency and ingenuity in their professional fields, to integrate faith and work, and to serve the local and global community.

Claiming every workplace in every nation as their mission field, UITS graduates are professionals of ingenuity and Christ-like character who see life’s work as a holy calling with eternal impact.


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