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Core Curriculum


The Core Curriculum is required for all four-year programs leading to various degrees. UITS offers programs of broadly based education with an integration of Christian and Biblical beliefs and the liberal arts designed to prepare the student for effective leadership and participation in the work, and ministry of the church and society at large.   The fundamental Christian philosophy and perspective permeates the entire educational program. 

The Core Curriculum provides a foundation for later specialization that permits obtained learning in several academic areas. It helps to develop students with skills, knowledge, and attitudes that equips them for effective, Christian, personal, and group living. Students in non-degree or UITS Bible Institute programs may not be required to take all of the Core Curriculum or General education requirements unless they plan to transfer to a degree.

Core Curriculum Requirements:


Humanities: (19 credit hours)


Art Appreciation (ED-403) [2 credit hours]

Speech-101 [3 credit hours]

English 101, 102, and one elective [9 credit hours]

Music Appreciation (ED-402) [2 credit hours]

Introduction to Philosophy (PH-201)[3 credit hours]


Social and Behavioral Science:  (12 Credit Hours)


History (HY-200/HY-401) [6 credit hours


Social Studies (SS-101) [3 credit hours]


Science and Mathematics:  (9 credit hours)


Science:  any six hours  [6 credit hours]


Math:  any three hours  [3 credit hours]


Heath and Physical Education:  (6 credit hours)


First Aid (HE-102)   [3 Credit hours]




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