Life-Long Learning Assessment

Life-Long Learning is exactly what it says – getting credit for proven work you have done over the years of service that you have worked in the Lord’s vineyard.


Costs are as follows:

Evaluation Fee:  Assessment for life credit can be conducted on request.  For each SH granted a fee of $15.00 per SH approved is charged.  The amount of credit earned this way is

limited based on academic review and residency requirements. This fee must be paid  before credit is given towards the any degree program.

Tuition is $75.00 per Semester hour for undergraduates; $125.00 per Semester hour for graduates;  and $150 per SH hour for post graduates.   This does not include materials and lab fees.

Graduation:  Graduation will take place in Israel or at such time and place as directed by UITS.  The expense for graduation will vary and will be given to the student prior to their planned graduation dates.

There are other fees; the full list is noted in our catalog.



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