The unit of credit is the semester hour.  A semester hour is one fifty-minute period of instruction per week for 15-18 weeks or the equivalent. (The basis for one hour of semester credit is usually 15 hours of instruction)

Minimum Required Credit for Degrees:

For any degree program] a minimum of 40 SH of work is required in residence with the Consortium school the student intends to graduate from.  Many students apply they have the equivalent of one or more degrees, but have not organized their work so that as to obtain such degree(s), so they are at first disappointed to learn of the 40 SH minimum requirements for each degree. If more than one degree is earned with any of the Consortium schools, then more transfer credit can be received so that such students would consider they have received fair treatment.

In addition to the minimum hour semester requirements below the student must:

Earn a minimum grade point average of 2.00 or higher.

  1. Receive at least a C in all courses required for his major field.
  2. Successfully pass all school required examinations.
  3. Maintain good moral character and behavior and cooperation in personal evangelism and Christian service requirements (CS Series Courses.)
  4. Settle all financial obligations to University of Israel Theological Seminary [UITS] in a timely manner.
  5. Attend commencement (unless exception is granted by the Chancellor).


1.    – One Year Certificate   – 32 SH (12 SH residence) *#

2.   – Associate Degree         – 62 SH (20 SH residence) *

3.   – Bachelor Degree         – 131 SH (40 SH residence) *

4.   – Master’s Degree         – 96 SH (30 SH Residence) *

5.   – Doctoral Degree        – 86 SH (30 SH Residence)*

# Theology Majors have additional Semester Hour Requirements.




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