A Word From Our President

A Word from our President….


As we begin this journey, our aim is to provide quality and practical educational programs for Christians who desire to prepare themselves for Christian service in the local church or in full time vocational positions.  Over the past several years we have reviewed every aspect of our programs to upgrade our course offerings and to integrate practical application into every course of study. 


Students will be trained to serve in leadership roles worldwide in successful and meaningful ministries. 


Students are encouraged to begin their service for the Lord as they begin their studies and then to enter into full time service upon graduation.  Positions are available for graduates in many churches, missions and Christian education.  Graduates are urgently needed to serve in the overseas campus training Nationals to reach their own people for Christ.


We ask that you carefully review the information supplied in this catalog.  Within our Consortium of Schools we are serious about your education and will work with you for your success, as the Lord allows.


Our aim is to help you develop spiritually, academically and emotionally so you will be a “workman that is not ashamed and can rightly divide the Word of God,” (II Timothy 2:15.)  Without apology, we accept the Bible as God’s Authoritative Word, as His revelation from Heaven to men on earth.  Every faculty member accepts every part of the Bible as God’s inspired, infallible Word.   We use the Authorized Version (1611) as our primary textbook.


May the Lord lead you as you read this catalog and prayerfully consider what the Lord has for you?


Dr. Rhett E. Haney, D.Lit.

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